nedjelja, 30. studenoga 2008.

DISORDER (NL) - Fake Heads 7" EP (1981)

"The Disorder EP is real tense record with especially great sharp guitar noodling, a singer with a cool vocal style and a touch of artiness, especially on "Glass Eye Threat". Nice paranoid lyrics add to the tension. As does the picture sleeve artwork for that matter." I accidentally run into this record on my never-ending search for DISORDER (UK) bootlegs. Although this band from Netherlands has nothing to do with DISORDER we all love,this is really a masterpiece. Really weird music,kinda mix of early punk with Joy Division feeling. Really rare to find both on mp3s and vinyl. Lyrics and cover included.

--DISORDER-- ..oh..wrong..sorry... --DOWNLOAD-- :)

KAKISTOCRACY - An Apology 7" (2008)

"Kakistocracy is an anarcho-crust punk(what the hell is that??) band from North Carolina, USA. They play aggressive punk with political lyrics. They have released some EPs and splits and a full length LP on Profane Existence (2005)." They play some kind of melodic crust in my opinion. Some people say they sound simmilar to tragedy and from ashes rise,but fuck them,this is way better. Vinyl rip-not by me. This is their latest release. Im sick like enough talking-download,listen and if you like it-buy it!


petak, 28. studenoga 2008.

ASOCIAL - Total Asocial CD (1995)

Hardcore punk band from Sweden. On this album you will find all you need/want. Later stuff ( House of Gore EP) is something else,no need to be bothered about that. 52 tracks of chaotic hardcore. Songs are sorted by time when they were recorded 1980-1985. Album starts with fast-paced punk(1980 demo) , then totally chaotic hardcore(How could hardcore be any worse? demo 1982) and some live/rehearsal songs and finnaly two 7" (Det bittra slutet EP, Religion Sucks EP) which have unbelievable raw & heavy sound. I doubt there is a band more raw & hardcore than grab this shit!


četvrtak, 27. studenoga 2008.

KOLLETTIVO - Demo (1983)

Again a band about who I dont know almost nothing. They come from Torino, Italy. They were active from 1982 to 1984. This is their only recording,it also was included in "VA-Disforia Tapes 1983". There are also 6 tracks on "VA-Lincubo Continua" that are not included on this demo tape. Anyway,all I need to tell you is it sounds like italian hardcore punk like negazione,declino,wretched,etc. but then again,a little touch of their own on this. Big HELL YEAH! for this stuff :)


DRÖMDEAD - ...En Este Pais LP

Five piece Venezuelan rage band under the influence of Scandinavian and U.K. hardcore punk. DRÖMDEAD was born in the year 2004 to show Venezuela that punk wasn’t dead at all, retriving punk and D.I.Y ideals through the lyrics, music and attitude. This record is consists of 11 raw punk songs in Kaaos style. Looks like the band is going on hiatus for some time since some members of the bend left Venezuela. If you want to read more about them check it out HERE Have fun! Btw- No cover,fuck you!


Donde Esta Tu Dios?

srijeda, 26. studenoga 2008.

DISTRÖY - De tijden zijn zwaar, maar groots en meeslepend LP

Ok,some raw shit to start with. I present you DISTRÖY,Netherland crust-hc band. I dont know much about this band except they have only recorded "De tijden zijn zwaar, maar groots en meeslepend LP" in 2001 and split 7" with Krush in 2002. This is pretty agressive crust,the way it supposed to be. Not too much melody like in new crust bands like Tragedy,Skitsystem,Victims or stuff like that. I promise you WONT be dissapointed with this album and you WILL have a merry christmas and a happy new year and you will win the lottery of course..but only IF you download this.

Track list:
01-Global Cancer
02-Fucking Saai
03-Gen Tech
07-Propaganda Dies
08-A Nation Created
09-Take Over Power
12-Out For Destruction