srijeda, 8. srpnja 2009.

AMEBIX - Hellfest 2009

Im gonna quote HELLBASTARD... "RISE OF CRUST !!!" hahahah crazy shit

DISCHARGE - Live 1982 Cassette - R.A.C. Tapes

Nice bootleg with 2 shows from 1982 - "Middlesboro Cavern Club 18-8-82" (42.31) and "Nottingham Union Boat Club 12-3-82" (39.19). Sound quality is pretty fair,nothing too amazing though. PLAY IT FUCKING LOUD!


petak, 26. lipnja 2009.

THE EXPLOITED - Continental Buffalo '84

Old exploited. FUCK YES. Hardcore punk kicking ass, and dont give me crap how they sold out or any of that bullshit,this is the real thing no matter what you say so fuck you if you dont like this! Cheers!!

srijeda, 24. lipnja 2009.

AMEBIX - Moscow Madness (What the fuck?)

I was listening to amebix today and was looking through map with old pictures...and then I ran into THIS picture. Can anybody tell me who the fuck is that guy singing? Did I miss something??

petak, 12. lipnja 2009.

AXEGRINDER - The Squat Tape (1988)

Click HERE.

"Recorded on a four track portable studio in London. Five tracks were recorded.

The finished tape was due for released by Trev and Jel as a 7 inch single, but
it never happened. The version of Final War found here is totally different
from the album version.

Yep..thats it..real CRUST to kill you all..
Btw-this is 100th post on this blog..thanks to nobody and cheers to nobody..


utorak, 9. lipnja 2009.

PUNJENA PAPIGA - Live @ Palach,Rijeka 2009. we really need "new" disorder or chaos uk??..Yes!!..and they are right HERE...this guys sound like they jumped out from 80s and now are here to kick your punk ass!!

To download their demo go here -->

Punjena Papiga, Palach, Rijeka, 2009

subota, 9. svibnja 2009.

AMEBIX - Live @ Bowery NYC 29-01-2009

Taste of USA tour...really,A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.. !!! Over an hour of crushing power..madness!!!! GET THIS. NOW.!!


petak, 8. svibnja 2009.

OI POLLOI - Live @ St. Niklaas (1997)

...and another one..


OI POLLOI - Live @ Middlesbourgh St. Mary's Centre 5-11-1994

Ok..since I dont buy cds or support your dumb sceen or anything like that,and spend most of money on cigarettes or alcohol,I dont have anything smart to post anymore...I here's some more bootlegs!! Holy fuck eh??!!!!


FUK - Mean Eyed Girl CD (2008)

Me and my penis are back ! Yay fuckers!!! OK,so..FuK..or..ex-chaos UK ...but..not really...anyway...take it or leave it.. btw-no picture of bands members,theyre all so fukking ugly,sorry


utorak, 17. ožujka 2009.

VA - Nagoya City Hardcore (2009)

"This is NAGOYA CITY HARDCORE NOW! At first comes leader of the Nagoya city HC gang CLOWN showing slightlly new & deep approach but still strong as fuck new tracks! Next comes mighty "LIBERATION AND FREEDOM" REALITY CRISIS, high tension and powerful dual vocals! Next comes ZILEMMA playing very original japcore with metallish, dramatic as hell guitar and melodies! Next comes the youngest of this comp, "SPIRITS OF D-BEAT RAW PUNK, WE MAKE NEW GENERATION, NOT MUSIC!" D-CLONE's disasterous NOISE HC ATTACK! And at last comes Nagoya city veterans DEMOLITION's pure & evil metalcore which everyone should hail! Each having their own style but all burning in intense attitude, LOUD AS HELL!!!"

Only reason why Im posting this is for this D-CLONE CRAZY-LOUD-FUZZY-AS-FUCK songs..they beat disclose in noise for sure...check it out for yourself!



JFA - Live @ Bob's Place-Contempo Hall,Los Angeles-CA 06-11-'82

22 fast as fuck songs..from the days this band was kicking ass..


nedjelja, 8. ožujka 2009.

CHAOS UK - Live at Terneuzen,Holland - 19.11.'88

Almost 60 minutes of Bristol madness with MOWER on vocals..classics like KILL YOUR BABY, VICTIMISED, LIVING IN FEAR, NO SECURITY, etc etc... can you ask for something more?


B.G.K. - Live in Doornroosje (1985)


BATTLE OF DISARM - Crust Love and Peace European Tour - Live in Slovenija (1997) 10" EP

Im not going to comment too much on this band,cause I never really took time to listen to it too much..sound quality is great so,check it out!


ANTISECT - Live in Fulham '83


nedjelja, 1. ožujka 2009.

EU'S ARSE - 2008 CD

Italian punks discharged as fuck.. Dunno is it just me,but this album reminds me so much on Disensitise LP..ah well,10 songs,not bad at all..


RADIKAL DUB KOLEKTIV - Radikal Dub Kolektiv CD (2005)

Radikal dub kolektiv was born in spring 2002. At first it was a trio made of boys who played together before in bands such as Radikalna promjena, Nula, Abrakha-dub-r and who’s music roots were the same/similar. And so these 3 boys (very baaad, but still – very honest:) started to experiment with music, combining different influences into a big melodic mixture, with a dub-reggae background.

On the way they’ve realized that it’s pretty boring to play as a trio, so they’ve decided to put in some electronic sound (synthesizers, sampler) as well as warmth (saxophone) – and they became a collective. (Vax - synthesizers, melodica, vocals; Korx – saxophone; Bole – saxophone; Jadranko – guitar, sound engineering; Vrx – bass; Sheki – sampler; Jebiga – drums; Mirda- sound engineering, effects)

The band was from the start very active in creating music and playing concerts.

Since the music is the main impuls that makes everything expressible, the next step was an idea of making your own sound system, basis of which are electronic sounds, melodies, spoken word-or-two…

The whole story about RDK is a bit wider, because a part of the band is also involved in organizing concerts (PUNK REGGAE FIESTA), club events (DUB CAFE), trance partys (TRIBALIZER) and in that way contributes to spreading this punk-reggae-dub-trance culture and to the whole positive-vibes, good music, and-all-that-hippie-shit-universal-love-culture.


utorak, 17. veljače 2009.

"..They dont like you,and I dont know why... "

Well..this is probably the reason why most people doesnt like Taf & lads aka disordaarghh (well at least it used to be)

..although this looks,ah I cant say good,but,OK....but big respect to Taf for staying "innit" all these years..

nedjelja, 15. veljače 2009.

HELLBASTARD - Demonstration Hell Tape (2000)

Hellbastard - demonstration hell tape - put together by Scruff for release on BBP..

heading for internal darkness rough mix 1988
1 we had evidence
2 civilised?
3 nazis killed
4 death camp
5 massacre
6 hfi darkness
7 the pylons
8 afrikaan beggar
9 rise of crust

live england 1990
11 natural order

natural order rough mix 1990
12 justly executed
13 i beg in blood

slayer cover
14 die by the sword

live england 1990
15 enslaves
16 deadlock
17 neon storms
18 black force
19 welcome to flight

demo track 1987
20 death camp

Rippercrust !!


AMEBIX & DISORDER & ANTISECT - Live Nottingham 9-4-1983

What a gig that must have been..holy fuck...well,at least here we have audio recording of it..enjoy!! btw-picture above has nothing to do with this gig,its from a gig in trinity hall 83,not this one..but I felt it is nice enough to make this post even more PUNK..


WOLFBRIGADE - Live at AZ Muelheim 10-05-2002



RIPPIKOULU - Musta Seremonia - Demo (1993)

Fantastic Old School Death Metal from Finland...probably the heaviest crushing morbid death metal ever..


subota, 14. veljače 2009.

NAUSEA - Live in Parkhof 04-27-1991

Classic bootleg..from American Nausea-the crust punk band...too bad only 12 songs..



Raw. Raw as fuck. You cant/wont get anything more raw than this. So...yeah..really briliant punk massacre...this is kinda repost from punktapes post..I didnt want to post "The Complete Workz CD" which contains few extra songs cause this is different rip,kinda louder and..fucking better...If you wanna distort your brain very fucking bad-download this!!


LEITMOTIV - Silent Run (Maxi 7")

This..THIS!!..incredible!!!!..this stuff fucking blew me away..incredible post-punk..fantastic music..too bad band is too many other superb bands..anyway check it out!!


nedjelja, 1. veljače 2009.

SYPHILITIC VAGINAS - Complete Studio Collection CD (2008)

Metal-Punk Destruction.."This is a complete studio discography including the Cassette, Black Motor Covenant 7", 12"LP, Night Desecrate 9"Lathe, split 7"ep with Netjajev S.S. & 7 unreleased tracks"..although this CD is pretty long (35 songs,78minutes),you wont get bored for sure!


WRETCHED - Lotta Per Vivere CD

This stuff was waiting to be uploaded on my blog. But judging by Only-In-It-For-The-Cumshot blog somebody was faster than me..but,whatever,heres some more italian madness..


subota, 31. siječnja 2009.

TATUERADE SNUTKUKAR - Hardcore Trash (1983)

Swedish madness goes DISORDAARGHH..


KONTATTO - Disillusione LP (2008)

What a bloody d-beat raw punk attack..from ITALY...yes,its great...


petak, 30. siječnja 2009.

ENSAM - Self-Titled 7inch EP

Killer debut from new band from members of Kaaos, Riistetyt, Kuolleet Kukat, Positive Negative and Neurose Urbana...Mix of punk rock and hardcore/crust with female singer from Brasil..


ponedjeljak, 26. siječnja 2009.

PRAZNE FLAŠE - Live 03-05



Raw chaotic punk from Koper, Slovenia. I cant really compare this to any band..this is something!!


PUNJENA PAPIGA - Muzika Nije Punk (Demo) [RE-POST]

Re-post from Kaaos ja vapaus! Hell yeah!! Check out that blog,nasty stuff :)

Here's Punjena Papiga's demo. Download this. This is noisy hardcore street punk from Rijeka, Croatia. I liked them because they are fast, noisy and bass and drum lines are really good. Vocal is "standard" punk rock barking... Nice.... Front cover is coming soon.

download (9.82 MB)

bands website:

Track list:
01) Muzika nije punk
02) Kamikaza bez reda
03) Naš način
04) TV, novine i školjka
05) Samo svoj
06) Proboj
07) Odbijam!
08) Hoću krila
09) Petar punk

And this video is more punk then you will ever be!

nedjelja, 25. siječnja 2009.

VA - SEX PISTOLS, THE CLASH & THE BUZZCOCKS - Live On The Anarchy Tour 1967

Back to the roots, right? I started listening punk with the Exploited,so I kinda skipped all this,and went straight to hardcore punk. But now I see what is all that fuss about. This is really something great..2 cds-4 live sets + scanned covers & interviews with people who are probably important,since their fucking opinion is in booklet haha. Disc 1 - Sex pistols & the clash @ manchester's electric circus 9 december 1976 (can you imagine that..pistols & clash playing in the same fucking evening!!). Disc 2 - The buzzcocks @ manchester's electric circus 9 december 1976 (same gig like on disc 1) & sex pistols @ leeds polytechnic 6 december 1976. Reviews say the sound quality is "as good as it gets". Well they can fuck off,this is more than good quality,maybe too good for a PUNK music (!!). Total Playing Time: 145:51 (min:sec),can you ask for something more??



BOB MARLEY - Runnin And Skankin Demos (1976)

Bob Marley raw?? hahaaha well,kinda...but the point is,you can really feel...something...on this demo tape...dont know what..but there sure is something....or not........


AMEBIX - Live @ George Robey Pub-London (1982)

Oh yes!! Early amebix...raw as hell...pissed off screaming vocals...really great!


ARTICLES OF FAITH - Complete Collection Vol 1. & 2.

Articles of Faith were a highly influential Chicago-based hardcore punk band (1981-1985) notable for songwriting in a class above most of their contemporaries (and successors). The typical AoF song featured hummable melodies and conspicuous hooks, showing funk, reggae and jazz influences, accompanied by lyrics bemoaning the difficulty of finding freedom and fulfillment in a cookie-cutter, mass-consumption-driven society, typically but not always delivered at a searing pace. While the band’s influence was blunted by being based in Chicago, they maintained close musical and thematic ties to the Washington DC / Dischord Records scene.

--DOWNLOAD--VOL 1. (1981-1983)--

--DOWNLOAD--VOL 2. (1983-1985)--

CASBAH - Russian Roulette (Best of)

Japanese trash metal..trash as fuck!



Probably best stuff Ive heard from BESTHÖVEN..really a d-beat masterpiece..
other band on this split EP is ALTERNATE SYSTEM..crusty d-beat,nothing much in my opinion..


AGHAST - Deformities LP (2007)

Aghast, is a US band from Richmond, VA that play fast and angry political crust/hardcore punk. Pretty sick...the way it supposed to be!


subota, 17. siječnja 2009.

AMEBIX - Bensham W.M.C. Gateshead 19-05-86

Wonderful bootleg,quality in rank with official "Make some fucking noise" bootleg. Maybe even better.


ANTISECT - Live Norwich Rainbow Fair (1986)


ZYKLOME A - Live @ Hengelo 31-03-84

I have no idea in which year this was recorded ( edit: fuck. Hengelo 31.03.1984. ). And its not on the Noise and distortion CD. Classic bootleg.


utorak, 13. siječnja 2009.

CONFUSE - Grean Villiage-Fukuoka City 28-12-1984


CONFUSE - Live 24-02-1984

Sorry for not updating blog as I promised. But school started again and...ah anyway,thanks to people who keep coming back and download stuff (and leave a comment). Cheers!


petak, 9. siječnja 2009.

CONFUSE - Live @ Doushisha University (1985)

Im not sure if this was posted anywhere on blogosphear before..but..ok,here it is. Really AMASING bootleg. Soundboard recording,includes 2 unreleased songs (rumors say those are GAI covers,Im not sure). A must have for any raw confuse fan.


četvrtak, 8. siječnja 2009.

HELLKONTROLL - Soul Robbers And Nightmare Fuckers 7" (2007)

Hellkontroll is a heavy, fast, crusty, hardcore band formed in Austin, Texas and Lafayette, Louisiana United States. The band consists of two members. 10 songs of faaaast chaos,super distorted noise + raw as fuck recording. I cant really compare this band to disorder or confuse or..this is something else really...I rest my case...


srijeda, 7. siječnja 2009.

ZYANOSE - Split CD-R w/ The Separations (2006)

Looks like zyanose was well pissed off on this record. Im glad to see that. Other part of this record is from "band" called "the separations".. band my ass...looks like zyanose is just being gay so this is the same band just fucking around..their "japanese title" song is actually spazz-out version of Why? (Reprise). Sounds pretty much different from ZYANOSE but..who fucking cares...


ZYANOSE - Crossing 7" EP (2006)

.......complete disordaaaaarrghhhh..


ZYANOSE - Spirochaeta Demo (2005)

First demo from this band. 7 songs of Chaotic "coming-of-the-tracks-at-any-moment" noise. Big recommendation for the second song,called BASTARD, its fucking brilliant.


ponedjeljak, 5. siječnja 2009.

ZYANOSE - Loveless 7" (2008)

Newest EP from this japanese noise punks. Enjoy!
EDIT: ok,I thought I wont comment on this shit..but..I have to.. first 4 lovely songs,noise punk classics..but then what the fuck is that 5th song..I mean, screaming "voice of youth" for 7 minutes..damn! Its not so bad,but its fucking annoying..ah..probably just my dumb opinion. Cheers!


AKTIVNA PROPAGANDA - Nepremagljiv Odpor. Nekskoncna Borba. Neustavljiva Revolucija. CD (2007)

Aktivna Propaganda is a Slovenian anarcho punk band that is best known for their harsh political lyrics. This is their third album from 2007 and contains 24 songs from various sold out records and live sets. PS- no cover,fuck you. If you want the cover,go and buy this record.


nedjelja, 4. siječnja 2009.

U.B.R. - Harmonija CD (2003)

This allmighty hardcore punk hailing from Slovenia. One of the best bends from ex-yu and my favorite band (along with disorder and amebix) for sure. This CD contains almost everything they recorded ( except for stuff from Tutti Pazzi #3 ). From Corpus Delicti 7" and corpus delicti demo that contains many unreleased tracks,first demo '83 from "Kaj Je Alternativa" compilation tape, demo for Novi Rock '85 and unmixed tracks for "HardCore Ljubljana" LP to live tracks from hardcore festival in Ljubljana '84. All songs are sorted by quality from best to worse (pretty stupid but who fucking cares). I really recommend you to download this and buy if you can,cause this is just small part of brilliant hardcore punk history you cant hear on radio or TV.


THE AGRESTIX - On The Streets (2008)

2nd EP from this street punx. Im not sure this is from 2008, but I dont feel like searching through whole fucking internet. Just enjoy the music.


THE AGRESTIX - Welcome To Hell EP (2007)

Eastern Iowa street punk with an influence of UK ‘82, Oi! and american hardcore. Although I dont listen to street punk too much,this band is pretty good in my opinion.