subota, 9. svibnja 2009.

AMEBIX - Live @ Bowery NYC 29-01-2009

Taste of USA tour...really,A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.. !!! Over an hour of crushing power..madness!!!! GET THIS. NOW.!!


petak, 8. svibnja 2009.

OI POLLOI - Live @ St. Niklaas (1997)

...and another one..


OI POLLOI - Live @ Middlesbourgh St. Mary's Centre 5-11-1994

Ok..since I dont buy cds or support your dumb sceen or anything like that,and spend most of money on cigarettes or alcohol,I dont have anything smart to post anymore...I here's some more bootlegs!! Holy fuck eh??!!!!


FUK - Mean Eyed Girl CD (2008)

Me and my penis are back ! Yay fuckers!!! OK,so..FuK..or..ex-chaos UK ...but..not really...anyway...take it or leave it.. btw-no picture of bands members,theyre all so fukking ugly,sorry