utorak, 17. veljače 2009.

"..They dont like you,and I dont know why... "

Well..this is probably the reason why most people doesnt like Taf & lads aka disordaarghh (well at least it used to be)

..although this looks,ah I cant say good,but,OK....but big respect to Taf for staying "innit" all these years..

nedjelja, 15. veljače 2009.

HELLBASTARD - Demonstration Hell Tape (2000)

Hellbastard - demonstration hell tape - put together by Scruff for release on BBP..

heading for internal darkness rough mix 1988
1 we had evidence
2 civilised?
3 nazis killed
4 death camp
5 massacre
6 hfi darkness
7 the pylons
8 afrikaan beggar
9 rise of crust

live england 1990
11 natural order

natural order rough mix 1990
12 justly executed
13 i beg in blood

slayer cover
14 die by the sword

live england 1990
15 enslaves
16 deadlock
17 neon storms
18 black force
19 welcome to flight

demo track 1987
20 death camp

Rippercrust !!


AMEBIX & DISORDER & ANTISECT - Live Nottingham 9-4-1983

What a gig that must have been..holy fuck...well,at least here we have audio recording of it..enjoy!! btw-picture above has nothing to do with this gig,its from a gig in trinity hall 83,not this one..but I felt it is nice enough to make this post even more PUNK..


WOLFBRIGADE - Live at AZ Muelheim 10-05-2002



RIPPIKOULU - Musta Seremonia - Demo (1993)

Fantastic Old School Death Metal from Finland...probably the heaviest crushing morbid death metal ever..


subota, 14. veljače 2009.

NAUSEA - Live in Parkhof 04-27-1991

Classic bootleg..from American Nausea-the crust punk band...too bad only 12 songs..



Raw. Raw as fuck. You cant/wont get anything more raw than this. So...yeah..really briliant punk massacre...this is kinda repost from punktapes post..I didnt want to post "The Complete Workz CD" which contains few extra songs cause this is different rip,kinda louder and..fucking better...If you wanna distort your brain very fucking bad-download this!!


LEITMOTIV - Silent Run (Maxi 7")

This..THIS!!..incredible!!!!..this stuff fucking blew me away..incredible post-punk..fantastic music..too bad band is too underrated..like many other superb bands..anyway check it out!!


nedjelja, 1. veljače 2009.

SYPHILITIC VAGINAS - Complete Studio Collection CD (2008)

Metal-Punk Destruction.."This is a complete studio discography including the Cassette, Black Motor Covenant 7", 12"LP, Night Desecrate 9"Lathe, split 7"ep with Netjajev S.S. & 7 unreleased tracks"..although this CD is pretty long (35 songs,78minutes),you wont get bored for sure!


WRETCHED - Lotta Per Vivere CD

This stuff was waiting to be uploaded on my blog. But judging by Only-In-It-For-The-Cumshot blog somebody was faster than me..but,whatever,heres some more italian madness..