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AGITATOR - Live in Dzsungel 4. July 1997.

I have no idea what is Dzsungel,but I believe this gig was in Hungary (Edit: nope,looks like this was recorded in Bačka Topola,Serbia). Pretty good sound for a bootleg. Cheers & Happy New Year!!


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VIVERE MERDA - Demo (2006)

All Im going to say is that disorder is going to do a cover of their last song from this demo (A Tutti I Punx) get the picture??


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CHAOS DESTROY - Music Not Noise Demo CD (2008)

Let me just say they say their influences are Gai, Struggle for Pride, Confuse, Exit Hippies, Tranquilizer, Dust Noise, Expose. Ho Ho Ho Disturbing noise or what?!


B.G.K. - A Dutch Feast...The Complete Works of Balthasar Gerards Kommando CD (1999)

B.G.K., or Balthasar Gerards Kommando were a 1980s Dutch punk band. The band were named after a Dutch historical figure named Balthasar Gerards, who assassinated the king of the Netherlands in 1584. Balthasar Gerards Kommando were formed in the early 1980s by members of Amsterdam punk band The Nitwitz. Rejecting the then-popular trend to emulate British Oi bands, BGK took their musical cues from American hardcore bands such as MDC, and soon developed an ultrafast style of their own. The band was also committed to following through with its leftist political stance, both in terms of the punk scene (the band set up DIY shows with low door prices, and put out affordable records on their own label) and in a wider political spectrum (they often played benefits for various causes, and helped run the Emma squat in Holland). A Dutch Feast...The Complete Recorded Works of Balthasar Gerards Kommando collects everything the Amsterdam hardcore band B.G.K. recorded, including the LPs Jonestown Aloha (1983) and Nothing Can Go Wrong (1986), the contents of the 7" single "White Male Dumbinance," a previously unreleased alternate version of "Arms Race," and a few songs the band contributed to compilations.


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"We are bunch of idiots!!! Formed in Amsterdam in february 1997. Still jerking! Five albums out: 1. Dick Director presents the... 2. Postfucking Happiness 3. Prostitution Forever 4. Bukkake Arena 5. Fist Fuck Fever-The Best Of VEPM" Hahaha..they say it all ! Really amasing/funny set mix of noise--hardcore-trash,and this is their last album from what I know. Heres one more advice from them "Hey faggots! Songs are in mp3pro format and when you download them just burn them in Nero as audio and you get cd quality of sound. In nero wave you can cut them one by one and there you go! Pure DIY or what..? Fuck music industry!" - although,songs I uploaded are already in normal mp3 format you all cunts like,and this text has nothing to do with you, I posted it here just to make this post more longer,and maybe make it more boring! Cheers!


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EU'S ARSE - 1981-1985 LP

This LP contains mix of everything that they released (1 EP, split EP w/ Impact) and some live/rehearsal songs. 21 songs of Italian hardcore massacre. Oh..and Happy Christmas to all hipies,punks,crusties,posers or whatever/whoever the fuck you are! Cheers!


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DUST NOISE - Noise Core Better You (3rd demo)

Im getting pissed off with all this demo tapes and their names. Again Im not sure if this is the real name of this demo,nor do I care..but this title makes no fucking sense...well,that pretty much explains everything.....anyway,this is last thing Ive got from this band,and this is everything they ever recorded from what I know.. Distortion till deafness!!


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DUST NOISE - Party song from... (1st Demo Tape)

So,to keep this distortion madness going on,Im bringing you more and more dust noise!! Im not sure if this is the real name of this demo tape..but Im sure this is the 1st Demo of this band.. 4 new songs - 8 minutes of noise madness - healthy happy party! woohoo!


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DUST NOISE - Live @ Sliced Punks

Live recording of this brilliant band. Date and place of gig are unknown. Tracks : Intro/ Chaos & Destroy / The Party Song / Cant Stop Noise / ??? Fuck / Total Noise / More Than Fights (disorder) / Fundamental Human Light (gai)


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DUST NOISE - Destroy Everything 7" (2000)

Their 2nd EP self-released in 2000.


DUST NOISE - Healthy Filthy Noise Attack 7" (1998)

Noise punk from Japan. If you like early Disordarghh,or early chaos uk, or any other raw band,youre gonna love this! I dont have any info about this band except they have 2 self-released EPs and 3 demos. So..up the raw punks!


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Fastcore trio from Croatia. (and when they say FAST,they FUCKING MEAN IT!)

Band was born at the beginning of year 2006 when 4 friends got together with an idea to play a kind of music that they lived and breath for and to express some personal issues caused by ugly and nasty world that we live in. After one minor line-up change band has remained in danko/chizma/habek formation and will continue to stay like that since we dont intend to invite other people in.
Musically we play a rough blend of oldschool and modern hardcore with some crusty and melodic influences aside. We as an individuals as well as the band are strongly against any kind of NAZISM, RACISM, HOMOPHOBIA, XENOPHOBIA, HUMAN STUPIDITY and all kinds of hatred and animosity towards any human being. Unfortunetly band is not playing anymore,although the same line-up(correct me if Im wrong) is playing in a new band called I Hope You Suffer. Btw- this is not the real cover,so what! Buy a cd and you will see how it looks like.


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ANTI-OTPAD - Live @ Ilirska Bistrica

Fantastic hardcore punk from Pula,Croatia. This is really rare recording of live show , energy is amazing! Check it out!


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UNUTRAŠNJI BUNT - Veliki Brat Ti Se Smeši

Unutrašnji bunt was anarcho-punk band hailing from Serbia. True stuff without too much fucking around. Here is sample of great lyrics,for lads in ex-yu. Cheers!


Veliki brat ti se smeši




To su osobine ljudi, koje je ovaj sistem podigao!



Fizička snaga

Potrebni su ovom sistemu da bi opstao!

Televizija i sve ostale medije

uveravaju vas da je to što činite ispravno.




Tvoje su karakterne crte,

zar ne vidiš da nešto

nije u redu,

zbog njih ćeš i dalje ići u rat,

ubijati ljude?!

Zbog njih ćeš i dalje raditi više,

i dalje se dokazivati?!



Fizička snaga

To je priprema za 1984.,

to je odsustvo svesti,

pogledaj ih dobro u oći,

Veliki brat ti se smeši!

Unutrašnji Bunt

KRVAVI MANDAT - 2 Demos (Cass)

Legendary anarcho-crust band from Zagreb,Croatia. Really awesome band..Im gonna scan cover and lyrics and put it up in here as soon as I buy this tape in next few weeks! cheers!


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THE EXPLOITED - Interview with Rob - bass player (2008)

And download! ha! But..Ive got even something better..Interview with Rob,The exploited bass player!! This interview was done on 14. February 2008,how romantic isnt it?? Haha..interview is nothing much,since it was my first time to do interview,and I didnt really give a fuck...ok,now I should cut the crap and just copy the interview in here.. cheers!

> >1. I know you've been a long time exploited fan, how did it feel when you actually joined the band?

I had been working for the band for a couple of years before I started playing with them, and I played guitar in Certain Death with Robbie, so it wasn't too big a deal for me when the opportunity came up.

> >2. When did you start to play bass and what was the first bass you had?

I used to play bass on my own recording stuff since I was about 10. I think my first bass of my own was a shitty fender copy, which gave a little shock every now and then 'cos it wasn't earthed properly.

> >3. Favorite city to play?

It's hard to say, 'cos we have played in so many different places.....So I'll just cop out and say 'The next one!!'

> >4. Favorite song to play live?

Easy...Beat the Bastards

> >5. Who is/are your idol(s)?

Rick Reuben, Hunter S Thompson and Patrick Moore

> >6. What do you think about punk scene today?

There's a lot of 'I'm more punk than you' bullshit, but to be fair most places I've been if you scratch the surface you find a punk community that has nothing to do with Image. Bands like So Unloved, The Gouls, Resilience and Certified all fuckin' rock, and I just wish there was more of them out there to counteract the green day clone bands who have the wrong Idea about what exactly punk is.

> >7. What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

To me punk is a community of people who share the same outlook on life, and who look out for each other.

> >8. How does the Exploited audience look like?

Old as Fuck!! nah we get a fairly broad spectrum of people coming to our shows. Old and young, Metal heads, Punks and Skinheads. I think the appeal of the exploited crosses genre's and demographs.

> >9. Which is the most peculiar thing which have happened during your career?

Half way through a gig in Belgrade some right wing skins lobbed a military grade canister of Tear gas from the balcony and the whole place just went fucking nuts. People jumping through windows and shit just to escape the fumes, it was crazy seeing it all unfold in front of us.

> >10. Do you guys live the ultimate sex/drugs/rn'r experiance on tour?

I recently split with my girlfriend so I suppsoe I'll be adding to the drink and drugs with some sex on the next tours! but I wouldn't say we do quite as much as some other bands out there.

> >11. has the anger management sessions worked on watties destruction of
countless hotel rooms or is he still as mad as ever?

I wasn't around years ago so I don't really have a frame of reference, but I think he is still as mad as ever, albeit in vastly different circumstances. The tours the Exploited did years ago were full of fighting and chaos, where as now thngs aren't as violent.

> >12. New album coming soon right? Any informations?

Yeah we are writing it at the moment. Some good tunes to come, but I suppose there isn't much to say other than wait and see!!

> >13. What are the 5 most important things in your life?

Friends, Family, Music........I can't think of anything else that is important to me.Booze and Grass possibly!!

> >14. Future plans for the band?

Get the next album recorded and tour every corner of the planet that will have us. I just got some dates from our Tour Manager and we are already playing Morrocco, Greece, Turkey & South Africa this year which is great 'cos I love getting out and seeing other cultures and countries. It reafirms my belief that we are all getting fucked by the government.

> >15. For yourself?

I'm a resident sound engineer in a club called Bannermans in Edinburgh, I'll still be doing that and DJing. Probably continue doing work for my good buddie's Man of The Hour, The Tyrant Lizard Kings and Certain Death.

> >16. Wisdomword?

Keep it Real. Don't let anybody tell you what to do. Fuck The System

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III. KATEGORIJA - Vizija (video)

No download for today,go buy CD,tape or some record for a change fuckers!
Here is one very fucking nice should watch it again,and again..and again..

If you have a wish to download something from this band,and I think you really should,go here--> on that comp is pretty much everything this band did!

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LEGION OF PARASITES - Another Disaster CD (2008)

26 tracks from the early part of this 80s anarcho punk band’s career. Includes their ‘Prison of Life’ album, their first demo tape, compilation appearances and 7 unreleased studio recordings. This early part of their career is all chronicled on this compilation. A second volume will appear later documenting their later years and the Stud Records releases. Grab it while you can!


HELLBASTARD - Hate Militia Demo Tape (1987)

Nothing much needs to be said about these lads. 8 songs of old school crustpunk that makes you feel happy like a fucking 4 years old kid. Haha hell of a description right? Anyway,download and listen!


srijeda, 10. prosinca 2008.

HELL PATROL - Bum Punk Demo (2006)

"Hell Patrol played from summer of 2005 till fall 2008. It was formed of people who played or still play in bands Baka Yaro, TNT, Aktivna Propaganda, AK47. It felt like a good idea to make a band that will be a bit different from average Slovenian punk and hardcore bands, with our own sound, not copying 'modern' bands in the raw scandi d-beat style. The political message we bring is nothing new. Our lyrics are based on our vision of the world we live in. Human race has set its path to extinction decades ago and is still following it. Hate and pain, world is divided into people who rule and those who try to survive, but human has already lost a war against himself and nature will take over what will be left. We won't change the world but we can at least keep our sanity. We recorded a Bum Punk Demo CD with 6 songs in 2006." They say it all..also lyrics its your duty to listen!


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CRUSTAVCI - More a Legend Than a Fucking Band

Wow.!! Now this is really great stuff. Hardcore-crust-punk band with grind parts from Belgrade,Serbia. This is their only album, released on by their own label. Beside the fact that they are pretty fast and brutal,they have great nasty vokills that fit in perfectly. Band was active from 1999 to 2004. Bass and guitar player from Crustavci are now in another band called Jatagan,which is not so interesting like this one. Btw-dont let this stupid cover fools you,this is the best band in the whole world haha! (..yes it fucking is damnit!!)


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VA - C'est La Yugoslavie Tape (198x)

Ex-Yu compilation I really dont know nothing about. Sounds like somebody had few privat practice jammings of these bands and decided to put it on tape. From what I know,this was never released. Anyway,pure raw balkan punk. Bands on this tape:

Solunski Front
U.B.R. (with never released song Vedno)
Quod Massacre
Opasne Igre


nedjelja, 7. prosinca 2008.

THE WANKYS - The Very Best Of Hero The Wankys CD

Nice said : "Can you imagine Disorder and Confuse having a glue-sniffing session and the survivors picking up some instruments and heading off to a studio? Have you ever had a mental picture of early Swankys and early Chaos UK competing against each other over who has the nosiest guitar sound?" Ok...Do I need to tell you anything more..?

No download link,coz Mark from THE WANKYS fucking said so.. but..
Here is a link for newest demo that is published online by only-in-it-for-the-music blog!


MAU MAUS - Complete Mau Maus Punk Singles Collection (2000)

Awesome hardcore punk with raw uk82 style. One of earliest bands who started to play fast & agressive punk. Really fucking great.


--BONUS-- (large descripton of bands history along with bunch of lyrics)

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UUTUUS - Systeemin Rattaissa 7" EP (1994)

UUTUUS was formed in summer/spring 1992. and the intention of the band was start to play classic 82 styled hardcore done the Finnish way, so if you like Kaaos, Kansan Uutiset or Mellakka, it’s time you listen to this band. Good stuff!


četvrtak, 4. prosinca 2008.

ACTIVE MINDS - Welcome To The Slaughterhouse LP (1988)

Active minds are 2 piece DIY Hardcore punk/Anarcho punk band from Scarborough,UK. Really really interesting band,with sound of theyre own,not a rip off like many other bands (although,I like the rip offs too!). They have released many many records,too many to name them. This is theyre first LP. Really briliant,great guitar work and vocals,even some piano bits towards the end of album. They also have new album out,going to post it some day. Band is really active lately with touring Europe,for infos check - .


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ZYKLOME A - Noise And Distortion CD (1997)

Zyklome A was a wonderful hardcore punk band from Belgium. They first appeared on the Belgian compilation Second Time Around. After that, they shared a great split 7” EP with Moral Demolition in 1983. Made in Belgium LP came up in 1984. On the follow year they participated on V.A. Alle 24 Goed! LP featuring Belgian bands. Also in 1985 they were on the classic international Cleanse the Bacteria compilation LP. All their recordings plus live sets are on this CD. When you hear this shit you just want to pogo till you drop dead and then go to heaven and continue with drinking and pogo.


utorak, 2. prosinca 2008.

SVART PARAD - Sista Kriget CD (1997)

Svart Parad were formed 1984. when the bassist, Tompa, left the punk band Asocial. Unfortunetly they never recorded and album, only two songs were released on the "Really Fast vol3" compilation LP, as well as they participated on a few compilation tapes. During the time of their existence, Svart Parad recorded four demo tapes, nearly all of the songs are featured on this CD. The band split up in 1987. "This is how Svart Parad sounded 20 years ago, and this is how it should sound today- fucking raw hardcore punk!" I said Asocial is rawest band..Ok, I lied.. now grab this!


ponedjeljak, 1. prosinca 2008.

STATE CHILDREN - Bomb shelter for money making flexi EP (1984)


STATE CHILDREN - Do you support the invasion of Grenada - Demo (1984)

Contemporaries of Gai/Swankys, Confuse and Sieg Heil this Kyushua noise core band managed to make two recordings, the first in 1984 was the now infamous demo and the second being the flexi (now bootlegged on the Tunes For Fucker compilation). This demo is slightly different from EP. Demo is more noisecore and chaotic,for true noise fans only. EP is more noise punk,with bouncier rhythm,really fun record. Up the noise punks!


nedjelja, 30. studenoga 2008.

DISORDER (NL) - Fake Heads 7" EP (1981)

"The Disorder EP is real tense record with especially great sharp guitar noodling, a singer with a cool vocal style and a touch of artiness, especially on "Glass Eye Threat". Nice paranoid lyrics add to the tension. As does the picture sleeve artwork for that matter." I accidentally run into this record on my never-ending search for DISORDER (UK) bootlegs. Although this band from Netherlands has nothing to do with DISORDER we all love,this is really a masterpiece. Really weird music,kinda mix of early punk with Joy Division feeling. Really rare to find both on mp3s and vinyl. Lyrics and cover included.

--DISORDER-- ..oh..wrong..sorry... --DOWNLOAD-- :)

KAKISTOCRACY - An Apology 7" (2008)

"Kakistocracy is an anarcho-crust punk(what the hell is that??) band from North Carolina, USA. They play aggressive punk with political lyrics. They have released some EPs and splits and a full length LP on Profane Existence (2005)." They play some kind of melodic crust in my opinion. Some people say they sound simmilar to tragedy and from ashes rise,but fuck them,this is way better. Vinyl rip-not by me. This is their latest release. Im sick like enough talking-download,listen and if you like it-buy it!


petak, 28. studenoga 2008.

ASOCIAL - Total Asocial CD (1995)

Hardcore punk band from Sweden. On this album you will find all you need/want. Later stuff ( House of Gore EP) is something else,no need to be bothered about that. 52 tracks of chaotic hardcore. Songs are sorted by time when they were recorded 1980-1985. Album starts with fast-paced punk(1980 demo) , then totally chaotic hardcore(How could hardcore be any worse? demo 1982) and some live/rehearsal songs and finnaly two 7" (Det bittra slutet EP, Religion Sucks EP) which have unbelievable raw & heavy sound. I doubt there is a band more raw & hardcore than grab this shit!


četvrtak, 27. studenoga 2008.

KOLLETTIVO - Demo (1983)

Again a band about who I dont know almost nothing. They come from Torino, Italy. They were active from 1982 to 1984. This is their only recording,it also was included in "VA-Disforia Tapes 1983". There are also 6 tracks on "VA-Lincubo Continua" that are not included on this demo tape. Anyway,all I need to tell you is it sounds like italian hardcore punk like negazione,declino,wretched,etc. but then again,a little touch of their own on this. Big HELL YEAH! for this stuff :)


DRÖMDEAD - ...En Este Pais LP

Five piece Venezuelan rage band under the influence of Scandinavian and U.K. hardcore punk. DRÖMDEAD was born in the year 2004 to show Venezuela that punk wasn’t dead at all, retriving punk and D.I.Y ideals through the lyrics, music and attitude. This record is consists of 11 raw punk songs in Kaaos style. Looks like the band is going on hiatus for some time since some members of the bend left Venezuela. If you want to read more about them check it out HERE Have fun! Btw- No cover,fuck you!


Donde Esta Tu Dios?

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DISTRÖY - De tijden zijn zwaar, maar groots en meeslepend LP

Ok,some raw shit to start with. I present you DISTRÖY,Netherland crust-hc band. I dont know much about this band except they have only recorded "De tijden zijn zwaar, maar groots en meeslepend LP" in 2001 and split 7" with Krush in 2002. This is pretty agressive crust,the way it supposed to be. Not too much melody like in new crust bands like Tragedy,Skitsystem,Victims or stuff like that. I promise you WONT be dissapointed with this album and you WILL have a merry christmas and a happy new year and you will win the lottery of course..but only IF you download this.

Track list:
01-Global Cancer
02-Fucking Saai
03-Gen Tech
07-Propaganda Dies
08-A Nation Created
09-Take Over Power
12-Out For Destruction