petak, 26. lipnja 2009.

THE EXPLOITED - Continental Buffalo '84

Old exploited. FUCK YES. Hardcore punk kicking ass, and dont give me crap how they sold out or any of that bullshit,this is the real thing no matter what you say so fuck you if you dont like this! Cheers!!

srijeda, 24. lipnja 2009.

AMEBIX - Moscow Madness (What the fuck?)

I was listening to amebix today and was looking through map with old pictures...and then I ran into THIS picture. Can anybody tell me who the fuck is that guy singing? Did I miss something??

petak, 12. lipnja 2009.

AXEGRINDER - The Squat Tape (1988)

Click HERE.

"Recorded on a four track portable studio in London. Five tracks were recorded.

The finished tape was due for released by Trev and Jel as a 7 inch single, but
it never happened. The version of Final War found here is totally different
from the album version.

Yep..thats it..real CRUST to kill you all..
Btw-this is 100th post on this blog..thanks to nobody and cheers to nobody..


utorak, 9. lipnja 2009.

PUNJENA PAPIGA - Live @ Palach,Rijeka 2009. we really need "new" disorder or chaos uk??..Yes!!..and they are right HERE...this guys sound like they jumped out from 80s and now are here to kick your punk ass!!

To download their demo go here -->

Punjena Papiga, Palach, Rijeka, 2009