petak, 28. studenoga 2008.

ASOCIAL - Total Asocial CD (1995)

Hardcore punk band from Sweden. On this album you will find all you need/want. Later stuff ( House of Gore EP) is something else,no need to be bothered about that. 52 tracks of chaotic hardcore. Songs are sorted by time when they were recorded 1980-1985. Album starts with fast-paced punk(1980 demo) , then totally chaotic hardcore(How could hardcore be any worse? demo 1982) and some live/rehearsal songs and finnaly two 7" (Det bittra slutet EP, Religion Sucks EP) which have unbelievable raw & heavy sound. I doubt there is a band more raw & hardcore than grab this shit!


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Anonimno kaže...

I just stumbled across you blog and is honestly the best ive seen. Great Stuff!!!

Anonimno kaže...

hi! i've been in search of this discography for some time now..really great stuff but quite rare tunes. is there any chance for you to re-up this one, please?!? i (and hopefully others, too) would appreciate that very much!!!
- marcel