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RADIKAL DUB KOLEKTIV - Radikal Dub Kolektiv CD (2005)

Radikal dub kolektiv was born in spring 2002. At first it was a trio made of boys who played together before in bands such as Radikalna promjena, Nula, Abrakha-dub-r and who’s music roots were the same/similar. And so these 3 boys (very baaad, but still – very honest:) started to experiment with music, combining different influences into a big melodic mixture, with a dub-reggae background.

On the way they’ve realized that it’s pretty boring to play as a trio, so they’ve decided to put in some electronic sound (synthesizers, sampler) as well as warmth (saxophone) – and they became a collective. (Vax - synthesizers, melodica, vocals; Korx – saxophone; Bole – saxophone; Jadranko – guitar, sound engineering; Vrx – bass; Sheki – sampler; Jebiga – drums; Mirda- sound engineering, effects)

The band was from the start very active in creating music and playing concerts.

Since the music is the main impuls that makes everything expressible, the next step was an idea of making your own sound system, basis of which are electronic sounds, melodies, spoken word-or-two…

The whole story about RDK is a bit wider, because a part of the band is also involved in organizing concerts (PUNK REGGAE FIESTA), club events (DUB CAFE), trance partys (TRIBALIZER) and in that way contributes to spreading this punk-reggae-dub-trance culture and to the whole positive-vibes, good music, and-all-that-hippie-shit-universal-love-culture.


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Jurko Kätäklizmä kaže...

mislim da je ovo u originalu izaslo kao kazeta a ne kao CD iako ja ovo imam na ploci no ploca je tek dosla kasnije... dakle original je kazeta :D
inace dobra muzika ali jako iritantna kada ti ju pustaju od 23 do 06 bez prestanka i to nakon koncerta dischargea i eu's arsea

Anonimno kaže...

o jebote koji ste vas 2 raw panxi hah ha.

Jurko Kätäklizmä kaže...

ma mi smo care jebači i po :D