subota, 9. svibnja 2009.

AMEBIX - Live @ Bowery NYC 29-01-2009

Taste of USA tour...really,A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.. !!! Over an hour of crushing power..madness!!!! GET THIS. NOW.!!


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dino kaže...

e fala ti na pohvalama i ti isto dobre stvari stavljas, nisi jedno vrijeme dosta dugo stavljo zast?

Whitey666 kaže...

Dude, awesome stuff as always. I've been frequenting yer site for a while now and it gave me enough inspiration to make my own punk blog.

It's small but I'm trying to add personal vinyl rips as well locals material and even DIY project intrustion.

Check it out, I've already got you linked so my friends out there maybe you could link me as well so I could start getting some traffic to my site. if you want to slag on me.

PS: Amebix still fucking have it.