petak, 26. lipnja 2009.

THE EXPLOITED - Continental Buffalo '84

Old exploited. FUCK YES. Hardcore punk kicking ass, and dont give me crap how they sold out or any of that bullshit,this is the real thing no matter what you say so fuck you if you dont like this! Cheers!!

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Anonimno kaže...

The exploited are NAZIS. Fuck exploited.

Anonimno kaže...

In the photo Wattie with the skrewdriver vocal, nazi band.

Anonimno kaže...

The exploited are not nazis, although it is has become very popular to label them nazis. There is a vast difference between screwdriver and the exploited. For example, the exploited do not have a single song with racist lyrics, why people compare them to screwdriver I'm not quite sure? probably because they are punk scene sheep who cannot think for themselves. The truth is Wattie has said one or two racist things during shows over the years, everyone remembers this. Maybe he does have racist views, but then how many people in everyday life have racist views? people in the pub,or at work? how many black and asian people have racist views? is everyone who has ever made a racist comment a nazi? if so, then the world must be full of nazis.