petak, 12. lipnja 2009.

AXEGRINDER - The Squat Tape (1988)

Click HERE.

"Recorded on a four track portable studio in London. Five tracks were recorded.

The finished tape was due for released by Trev and Jel as a 7 inch single, but
it never happened. The version of Final War found here is totally different
from the album version.

Yep..thats it..real CRUST to kill you all..
Btw-this is 100th post on this blog..thanks to nobody and cheers to nobody..


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jeben blog

Anonimno kaže...

This is one of the Axegrinder recordings that I haven't heard yet... Thanks a lot for getting it out there for people to hear



Novi post odi pogledat!zivio

Anonimno kaže...

good blog i allways enjoy a good old crust!