nedjelja, 4. siječnja 2009.

U.B.R. - Harmonija CD (2003)

This allmighty hardcore punk hailing from Slovenia. One of the best bends from ex-yu and my favorite band (along with disorder and amebix) for sure. This CD contains almost everything they recorded ( except for stuff from Tutti Pazzi #3 ). From Corpus Delicti 7" and corpus delicti demo that contains many unreleased tracks,first demo '83 from "Kaj Je Alternativa" compilation tape, demo for Novi Rock '85 and unmixed tracks for "HardCore Ljubljana" LP to live tracks from hardcore festival in Ljubljana '84. All songs are sorted by quality from best to worse (pretty stupid but who fucking cares). I really recommend you to download this and buy if you can,cause this is just small part of brilliant hardcore punk history you cant hear on radio or TV.


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Mikael Sörling kaže...

Thanx for this one. i've always loved UBR.


Anonimno kaže...

makni ovo sa liste jer je jos uvijek nabavljivo na trzistu.

No Security kaže...

do I care? not really

Slobodan Burgher kaže...


Slobodan Burgher kaže...

"The file could not be found. Please check the download link."

must be the FBI that killed the Yugo punks. please upload, i'm having a UBR party this week ha ha ha