ponedjeljak, 5. siječnja 2009.

ZYANOSE - Loveless 7" (2008)

Newest EP from this japanese noise punks. Enjoy!
EDIT: ok,I thought I wont comment on this shit..but..I have to.. first 4 lovely songs,noise punk classics..but then what the fuck is that 5th song..I mean, screaming "voice of youth" for 7 minutes..damn! Its not so bad,but its fucking annoying..ah..probably just my dumb opinion. Cheers!


3 komentara:

dino kaže...

odi na moj blog imam 2 nova posta uzivaj :D

Jurko Kataklizma kaže...

ovo je jebeno :)

hero_swanker kaže...

thank you for posting this up! i needed some new ZYANOSE!!!