nedjelja, 25. siječnja 2009.

VA - SEX PISTOLS, THE CLASH & THE BUZZCOCKS - Live On The Anarchy Tour 1967

Back to the roots, right? I started listening punk with the Exploited,so I kinda skipped all this,and went straight to hardcore punk. But now I see what is all that fuss about. This is really something great..2 cds-4 live sets + scanned covers & interviews with people who are probably important,since their fucking opinion is in booklet haha. Disc 1 - Sex pistols & the clash @ manchester's electric circus 9 december 1976 (can you imagine that..pistols & clash playing in the same fucking evening!!). Disc 2 - The buzzcocks @ manchester's electric circus 9 december 1976 (same gig like on disc 1) & sex pistols @ leeds polytechnic 6 december 1976. Reviews say the sound quality is "as good as it gets". Well they can fuck off,this is more than good quality,maybe too good for a PUNK music (!!). Total Playing Time: 145:51 (min:sec),can you ask for something more??



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thank you very much for this :-)

The PopCulturist kaže...

great, thanks

followed a link from guitars101 here by the way!