četvrtak, 4. prosinca 2008.

ACTIVE MINDS - Welcome To The Slaughterhouse LP (1988)

Active minds are 2 piece DIY Hardcore punk/Anarcho punk band from Scarborough,UK. Really really interesting band,with sound of theyre own,not a rip off like many other bands (although,I like the rip offs too!). They have released many many records,too many to name them. This is theyre first LP. Really briliant,great guitar work and vocals,even some piano bits towards the end of album. They also have new album out,going to post it some day. Band is really active lately with touring Europe,for infos check - http://www.myspace.com/activemindspunk .


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Anonimno kaže...

Hello my friend, this is really a great record, yeah!! Soon my website will be online here in Brazil, with lots of records in Punk/Grind/HC/Crust. Hope you check it out. Danilo