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THE EXPLOITED - Interview with Rob - bass player (2008)

And download! ha! But..Ive got even something better..Interview with Rob,The exploited bass player!! This interview was done on 14. February 2008,how romantic isnt it?? Haha..interview is nothing much,since it was my first time to do interview,and I didnt really give a fuck...ok,now I should cut the crap and just copy the interview in here.. cheers!

> >1. I know you've been a long time exploited fan, how did it feel when you actually joined the band?

I had been working for the band for a couple of years before I started playing with them, and I played guitar in Certain Death with Robbie, so it wasn't too big a deal for me when the opportunity came up.

> >2. When did you start to play bass and what was the first bass you had?

I used to play bass on my own recording stuff since I was about 10. I think my first bass of my own was a shitty fender copy, which gave a little shock every now and then 'cos it wasn't earthed properly.

> >3. Favorite city to play?

It's hard to say, 'cos we have played in so many different places.....So I'll just cop out and say 'The next one!!'

> >4. Favorite song to play live?

Easy...Beat the Bastards

> >5. Who is/are your idol(s)?

Rick Reuben, Hunter S Thompson and Patrick Moore

> >6. What do you think about punk scene today?

There's a lot of 'I'm more punk than you' bullshit, but to be fair most places I've been if you scratch the surface you find a punk community that has nothing to do with Image. Bands like So Unloved, The Gouls, Resilience and Certified all fuckin' rock, and I just wish there was more of them out there to counteract the green day clone bands who have the wrong Idea about what exactly punk is.

> >7. What does punk mean to you, is it only a word or is it a lifestyle?

To me punk is a community of people who share the same outlook on life, and who look out for each other.

> >8. How does the Exploited audience look like?

Old as Fuck!! nah we get a fairly broad spectrum of people coming to our shows. Old and young, Metal heads, Punks and Skinheads. I think the appeal of the exploited crosses genre's and demographs.

> >9. Which is the most peculiar thing which have happened during your career?

Half way through a gig in Belgrade some right wing skins lobbed a military grade canister of Tear gas from the balcony and the whole place just went fucking nuts. People jumping through windows and shit just to escape the fumes, it was crazy seeing it all unfold in front of us.

> >10. Do you guys live the ultimate sex/drugs/rn'r experiance on tour?

I recently split with my girlfriend so I suppsoe I'll be adding to the drink and drugs with some sex on the next tours! but I wouldn't say we do quite as much as some other bands out there.

> >11. has the anger management sessions worked on watties destruction of
countless hotel rooms or is he still as mad as ever?

I wasn't around years ago so I don't really have a frame of reference, but I think he is still as mad as ever, albeit in vastly different circumstances. The tours the Exploited did years ago were full of fighting and chaos, where as now thngs aren't as violent.

> >12. New album coming soon right? Any informations?

Yeah we are writing it at the moment. Some good tunes to come, but I suppose there isn't much to say other than wait and see!!

> >13. What are the 5 most important things in your life?

Friends, Family, Music........I can't think of anything else that is important to me.Booze and Grass possibly!!

> >14. Future plans for the band?

Get the next album recorded and tour every corner of the planet that will have us. I just got some dates from our Tour Manager and we are already playing Morrocco, Greece, Turkey & South Africa this year which is great 'cos I love getting out and seeing other cultures and countries. It reafirms my belief that we are all getting fucked by the government.

> >15. For yourself?

I'm a resident sound engineer in a club called Bannermans in Edinburgh, I'll still be doing that and DJing. Probably continue doing work for my good buddie's Man of The Hour, The Tyrant Lizard Kings and Certain Death.

> >16. Wisdomword?

Keep it Real. Don't let anybody tell you what to do. Fuck The System

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