nedjelja, 7. prosinca 2008.

THE WANKYS - The Very Best Of Hero The Wankys CD

Nice said : "Can you imagine Disorder and Confuse having a glue-sniffing session and the survivors picking up some instruments and heading off to a studio? Have you ever had a mental picture of early Swankys and early Chaos UK competing against each other over who has the nosiest guitar sound?" Ok...Do I need to tell you anything more..?

No download link,coz Mark from THE WANKYS fucking said so.. but..
Here is a link for newest demo that is published online by only-in-it-for-the-music blog!


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Slobodan Burgher kaže...

Mark from the Wankys asked me to tell you to take down this link as the record is still for sale and the band never permitted it to be shared.

Thanks, great blog!

Slobodan Burgher kaže...

Actually he adds:

"Tell the Croation kid he can add the 10th demo link to his page, but please take down the album."

Hope you understand, no bad feelings