srijeda, 10. prosinca 2008.

HELL PATROL - Bum Punk Demo (2006)

"Hell Patrol played from summer of 2005 till fall 2008. It was formed of people who played or still play in bands Baka Yaro, TNT, Aktivna Propaganda, AK47. It felt like a good idea to make a band that will be a bit different from average Slovenian punk and hardcore bands, with our own sound, not copying 'modern' bands in the raw scandi d-beat style. The political message we bring is nothing new. Our lyrics are based on our vision of the world we live in. Human race has set its path to extinction decades ago and is still following it. Hate and pain, world is divided into people who rule and those who try to survive, but human has already lost a war against himself and nature will take over what will be left. We won't change the world but we can at least keep our sanity. We recorded a Bum Punk Demo CD with 6 songs in 2006." They say it all..also lyrics its your duty to listen!


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