četvrtak, 18. prosinca 2008.


Fastcore trio from Croatia. (and when they say FAST,they FUCKING MEAN IT!)

Band was born at the beginning of year 2006 when 4 friends got together with an idea to play a kind of music that they lived and breath for and to express some personal issues caused by ugly and nasty world that we live in. After one minor line-up change band has remained in danko/chizma/habek formation and will continue to stay like that since we dont intend to invite other people in.
Musically we play a rough blend of oldschool and modern hardcore with some crusty and melodic influences aside. We as an individuals as well as the band are strongly against any kind of NAZISM, RACISM, HOMOPHOBIA, XENOPHOBIA, HUMAN STUPIDITY and all kinds of hatred and animosity towards any human being. Unfortunetly band is not playing anymore,although the same line-up(correct me if Im wrong) is playing in a new band called I Hope You Suffer. Btw- this is not the real cover,so what! Buy a cd and you will see how it looks like.


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Juraj kaže...

to je isti bend samo su promjenili ime ;) i stil :D imas demo na mom blogu :D

Juraj kaže...
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