srijeda, 3. prosinca 2008.

ZYKLOME A - Noise And Distortion CD (1997)

Zyklome A was a wonderful hardcore punk band from Belgium. They first appeared on the Belgian compilation Second Time Around. After that, they shared a great split 7” EP with Moral Demolition in 1983. Made in Belgium LP came up in 1984. On the follow year they participated on V.A. Alle 24 Goed! LP featuring Belgian bands. Also in 1985 they were on the classic international Cleanse the Bacteria compilation LP. All their recordings plus live sets are on this CD. When you hear this shit you just want to pogo till you drop dead and then go to heaven and continue with drinking and pogo.


2 komentara:

Juraj kaže...

prevario si me! :) ja skinio ovo, a kad ono peace punk........ bljak! :D

No Security kaže...

ma kakav peace punk..ccc.. sve što nije u stilu SHITLICKERS tebi je peace.. :D